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Installation of shower trays

Jan 9

Introduction: Planning:

A well-planned shower design is one of the most luxurious things you can do for your home. Bathrooms are often overlooked when planning a home remodel, but they're an integral part of the house and deserve to be given careful consideration. You'll want to take measurements of your existing bathroom to determine what type of shower would be best for your space. When planning, be sure to include storage space for your toiletries and medicines.



In order to install a shower tray, a worker needs a spackle knife and a bucket of water. The tray is placed on the floor in an area that can drain freely. A worker must then scrape the floor with the spackle knife in order to provide a porous surface for the installation. Next, the adhesive is poured into the tray and spread out evenly before leveling it with two-by-fours or sheet metal screws so that it does not settle over time. The screws are then placed on the tray all along its edge. A worker must then pour out some water into the tray and let it soak into the screws and adhesive for a few minutes. The water is then drained out of the tray, leaving a hardened solid surface on the floor.

Installing shower trays

The installation of shower trays will require the use of plumbing tools and supplies. A shower tray is a functional piece of bathroom furniture, most often made from durable resin or acrylic, which sits on the floor of the bathroom space. The most common type is an L-shaped tray that has one end against the wall and the other end holding the faucet. The first step to installing a shower tray is to remove any existing shower tiles. This is done by scraping or chiseling the existing tile away. The second step is to measure the area that will be occupied by the shower tray. This area can be either greater than the area that the shower will occupy, or less than the area that the shower will occupy. It's important to measure the area so it has enough space for the shower tray to sit in, as well as be able to function properly, see more.


Plumber installing shower trays

The plumbing industry is a competitive field with many trades and professions to learn, yet plumbers have a wide range of skills that will allow them to compete in this growing economy. The installation of shower trays is one of the many tasks a plumber can perform. As a result, the installation of shower trays does not require a license for a plumber or any specialized skills.


A difficult thing to do in remodeling a bathroom is installing shower trays. These trays are often made of metal or plastic and can be installed in specific types; in this article, we will go over how to install shower trays in concrete. Shower trays of metal or plastic are of two types: stationary and movable. Stationary ones are generally made of a frame that is fixed to the wall and a shower tray that slides on the frame.