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Occupational and sports medicine

Feb 8

Occupational medicine is a specialty of medicine concerned with the maintenance of occupational health, prevention of work-related disease, rehabilitation of injured workers, and compensation for industrial accidents. The primary goal is to prevent illness or injury caused by work or enhance an individual's ability to perform their occupation. Occupational physicians must consider the health of a wide variety of individuals who work in a wide variety of occupations. Occupational medicine is also known by names such as Occupational Health Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Public Health Occupational Medicine, Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Safety, Occupational and Environmental Health Physicians. It has been recognized as a medical specialty in most countries worldwide.[1] Occupational and sports medicine Occupational and sports medicine involves the prevention of illness, injury, and disability related to the practice of sports and occupation. Occupational physicians also provide comprehensive medical services for athletes from amateur or professional sports organizations.

[2] Occupation is a person's role in society which is something people do rather than just an activity or something found in nature. Occupational health is health promotion and protection through the process of enabling people to undertake their occupations.

[3] Occupational health aims to ensure that workers are able to perform their work-related tasks with as little risk to their health and safety as possible. At its most strategic level, Occupational Health incorporates policies on working hours and conditions and safety into broader strategies of Occupational Health promotion and occupational safety and health (OSH) management. Occupational health can be defined as the science and art of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and reducing workplace hazards and risks to improve the safety, health, comfort, and performance of working men and women.

[4] Workplace hazards are divided into two broad categories: physical hazards that can cause or lead to death, injury, or illness; and psychosocial hazards that have the potential to cause discomfort and an unsatisfactory working environment.

[5] Occupational health affects a wide range of people in all settings. The aim of occupational health is to promote an environment where workers are able to complete their work without resulting in harm to themselves or others. Occupational health physicians, therefore, have three key roles.

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The first role of the physician is to diagnose, advise and treat work-related injuries and diseases. It can be challenging knowing when an injury or disease is caused by a person's occupation as the symptoms may not occur for several years after exposure. Occupational health physicians can also provide preventive services by sharing expertise about safe work processes and equipment.

The second role of the Occupational Health physician is to offer advisory service on issues such as pay, employment, job placement, and rehabilitation. They have a responsibility to help their patients stay in or return to work so that they may rebuild a secure future. Occupational physicians are also seen as leaders since they are the most qualified advisors on the health of workers:

The third role of Occupational Physicians is to identify policies that will change or improve workplace health and safety.

[6] Occupational Health physicians have a support team with many different specialists who can examine physical aspects, physiological aspects, advice on policies, etc. Occupational physicians can also refer to generalist physicians who are not specifically trained in Occupational Medicine but have an interest in this field.

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Occupational and sports medicine from the City of Osijek

is a medical office for occupational and sports medicine from Osijek, Croatia. Occupational and sports medicine from the City of Osijek is a part of Occupational Health Center Occupational and Sports Medicine from Osijek which provides services to employees of companies in the Osijek area.

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